Razor Rash on Vagina

How problematic Razor rash on vagina can be ? Vagina rash is not different from the face or other body parts rashes.

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How problematic Razor rash on vagina can be ?

Vagina rash is not different from the face or other body parts rashes. The seriousness of the rash gets determined by knowing its cause. When one finds a razor rash on vagina, then first thing to do is to consult the doctor for a treatment. Most women visit a doctor when they have face rash, but they avoid treating their vaginal rash. It happens, because they feel embarrassed to ask for vaginal rash treatment. Women should know that vaginal rash has been amongst the second large number of problems that doctors treated regularly.

Every woman wants to have smooth and clean look. They use a razor to clean up their vaginal areas. There is a need to be quiet careful while shaving around such gentle areas. Razor rash on vagina has been a major problem among the women. This causes itching or burn on skin, so it becomes hard for a woman to bear such a pain. Fortunately, one could avoid such rashes by keeping few points in mind.

Follow the following steps while shaving in areas around the vagina :-

 Avoid using shaving cream for removing hairs from the vaginal area. One can use shaving gel for getting rid of hairs in that area.
  • Always use sharp and clean razor for shaving. If the razor is not sharp, then discard it and bring a new one.
  • Never hurry while shaving. Gently shave the vaginal area as in case of shaving hurry, there are chances of getting bumps on vagina.
  • If razor rash on vagina occurs, then apply cortisone cream twice a day on the vaginal area for immediate results.
  •  Try and avoid shaving too frequent. This will reduce the chances of itching problems.


Specific products are there that one can use for shaving such areas. Make sure that you buy branded products. Read the instructions carefully written on the shaving products. Do not go after regular soaps or cheap grooming products that cause skin inflammation or itching. Follow the correct shaving procedures that help in avoiding the vagina rash. Most women suffer from the bumps on the vaginal area. Hence, stop feeling shy and get the treatment at the right time before it gets worse. Personal hygiene is also important that would avoid getting formation of razor rash.

After shaving, apply a gentle lotion on the area that stops getting any razor rash on vagina. Take care that this lotion does not contain any alcohol in it. Vagina is a sensitive area of the body. One should always make sure that she does not hard press that area. Always wet the hairs with hot water that makes the hair smooth for shaving. Do not apply or make use of wax for removing hairs, because it is a painful activity. After the shave, scrub the area with wet cotton cloth. This will help a lot in removing the hairs completely from the skin. It will not let the hairs stuck under the skin. Use scrubber gently in the end. Wear loose garment that doesn’t cause any skin inflammation.

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